Monday, October 20, 2008


I feel the same way about Mondays as I do about disco.... Gotta love Hunter. So begins a new work week. I got notification over the weekend that the 20,000 catalogs we ordered a few weeks ago were ready for shipping.

Work continues on the Wish I Had That catalog that is in it's (hopefully) final stages. The beast has grown from 88 pages to 96 back to the current 92. All that is theoretically left is final price updating for spring/summer 09.

The catalogs coming in are the self covered RoJico catalogs on #60 gloss. I'm curious to see them. The last ones turned out great, especially for the price, but they we're #100 book cover with perfect bound #80 pages.

Oh well, off to work.

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Pix said...

I hate Mondays too.