Saturday, October 25, 2008

Havoc Ub3r Truck Update

Went and got final measurements for the Havoc race truck. The initial layout was pretty close, but there was some major changes that had to be done on the hood. Initially they wanted the flames to roll off the hood and fade into the flag, but we dont have the truck to do absolute templates for. I've seen the truck 2 times now and the next time will be when we start the wrap.

The photoshop file has only swelled to 780 megs and I only have a few more small parts to create, headlights and the back of the cab. It looks like next weekend will be the wrap date, with printing on Wednesday and Thursday. The first race for the truck will be the following weekend out in Barstow. I'll snap some pixs when it's done, and hopefully it will survive the first race!

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