Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thats Weird....

It's been over a week since Buffy has returned home. She is improving every day, but still tires easily. She still having problems with her vision at times and this is a source of frustration to her. Most of her motor skills have came back, but she is still having problems writing. But hopefully this too will pass.

Shes sleeping a lot and has problems with typing and finding her words quickly. She got some terrible news from one of her news groups this week and that shook her up pretty bad.

Over the weekend we finally got all the knots out of her hair. Poor thing, the back of her head was pretty matted up, but we got it out with out any major damage to her locks. This weekend we're going to maybe go and get her hair cut. Maybe.

Home life has found a rhythm that isnt too distant from “normality” as we know it. I get to work 30 min late every day now from taking the kids to school but other than me cooking most of the dinner meals, it getting to be business as usual.

Some of the bills are starting to roll in and I've been pulling in favors all over the place to try and keep us above water. We haven't got to the borrowing stage yet and by the grace of God maybe we wont have to. My Mom and Dad said they'd help out and I've got a few other strings to pull on, but we'll just wait and see. We have some interviews with individuals from different agency's coming up and we hope to qualify for some kind of assistance from one of the many programs out there.

The Health Department sent someone over this last week to ask Buffy a bunch of questions about where she'd been and what she'd been doing prior to getting sick. The lady left a pile of reading material for us to ponder, but nothing we hadn't already read on Wikipedia. That was weird.


Darcsyde said...

Glad to hear things are finding it's way back to "normal"
And, yeah..we were all pretty shaken up about Jenny's passing.
If Buffy ever wants to talk about it or anything else,..she can call me. I'm home most days, so it's no biggie.
You can email me at my gmail addy, or at and I'll send you my phone #
Take care you two and big hugs to Buffster.

musicaldruid said...

Normalcy. What a blessing! Tell her to have patience with herself, it's extremely frustrating but the skills will get better with time and practice. Count me in the number of folks that she can call on if she needs a friendly voice. You already have my email, my number is an email away. Keeping her in my thoughts and prayers and hoping for a full recovery. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I just read all your posts about your wife's ordeal, and it really touched me. I found the link to your blog on Deviant Art and don't know your wife or you, but your story brought tears to my eyes and I just thought you should know that I was happy to read that she's on the road to recovery. You and your family will be in my prayers. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

So happy to 'hear' that she's home and healing!
Wonderful news!!!

Jerry said...

Hope things are well and progressing nicely. Thinking of you!

オテモヤン said...