Sunday, January 25, 2009

You Don't Have to Go Home, But You Can't Stay Here

I took the most beautiful drive today along the Truxton extension heading West past Truxton lake. The setting sun warming the clouds with yellows and orange, Colin Hay softly singing over the car stereo. My wifes hand in mine as we worked our way across town going home. This long journey was coming full circle and we would soon be back to where we started, home.

So many things have changed over the last 2 weeks and yet we simple humans strive for everything to be back to our version of normality. Moms home. Shes in bed, shes on the couch, shes at the computer, shes hobbling with the walker to the kitchen. Shes laying next to me in the bed giving me warmth and taking it when needed. Shes breathing, snoring, talking, laughing, crying, whispering... It's like waking up from a bad dream to find that everything is ok and nothing happened. But then you see the pill bottles, the glucose monitor, her walker, and you know it hasn't all been a dream.

Her recovery is going well and she is getting around pretty good. Her appetite is starting to pick up and shes sleeping comfortably in our bed. She doesn't remember much, she dreamed that we went to Japan and the ICU room was her nightmare that she couldn't escape. I will let her tell you in her own words the vividness of the trip her mind took her on while she was asleep.

So far, so close, so frail, so strong, so fortunate, so humble, so happy. Happy. Normality.


Darcsyde said...

I am overjoyed to hear that the Specail Lady is where she belongs...HOME. With her loving husbad and family. And, except for a few ugly reminders..all is as it should be.
Of course...we all should know by now that you can't stop...The Buffinator!
Take care you two crazy kids!

musicaldruid said...


Welcome home Buffy!!!

We all learned a lesson here, that miracles do happen and we were all on the receiving end of this one.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I found about you guys from DA. Im happy you guys are better now. I will pray for more good things. ~curiosajess

Shell said...

Welcome Home Buffy!

It's so wonderful to hear that your recovery is going so well. Just remember to take it easy and not over do it too much.


kristi said...

The Lord works in mysterious may not ever find out why or the answer might become very apparent someday. Either way, thank God that Buffy is OK! It's wonderful to know that your whole awesome famly is back together at home again!

Thank you Rob for opening your heart and sharing your story with all of us. That takes tremendous courage. You Rock (as always)!


Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear that Buffy is home and recovering. This is indeed a reason to celebrate. HUGS Buffy welcome back!


Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm very happy that 'Buffy' is so much better. I like to send you this link, I'm catholic and we consider this prayer very powerful, 'Buffy' as been included on it since the beginning.

Here it explains how to do it:

And here's the story behind it in a good condensed way:

It's good to know and to have.

Best Regards

J. Wade Webb said...

So glad to hear she is home. Yeah, she still has healing to do, but she is home, and that's what really matters.

Here's to you girl! Things can only get better! (And they will!)

My wife and I send out our love...

Marcelo said...

Good to know you are back home...

This is a terrible experience but it´s gonna make everybody stronger, learn from it, take power from it, talk abou it and you´ll bea strongest even better person...

Big kiss and hugs for all the family...

Marcelo & Mariana

Nikolita said...

I'm so glad to hear you're getting better Buffy! Keep it up, we're all praying for you and holding you in our hearts. You can get better and beat this! :)

~ NikolitaNiko from DA